Our custom made laminated concrete tile are available in more than 25 sizes, which can be one of three textures, with custom colors mixed to match your palette.  Because we make our own molds, we can design any style of tile pattern you wish, in any size. Craftsman style,  Art Nouveau borders, Geometrics, your style....all in durable concrete.

Please see Products and price list page for a list of readily available molded tile sizes;  we also custom make molds to your specifications.

Our often used 12" tile molds are now antiques, as they have been in constant use for 53 years.  The nice rolled edge makes the tile easy to grout;  their slight differences make them obviously hand made.  A favorite pattern uses a 3" square in the middle of every four tile;  and adding a straight border around the edge of the room with a diagonal field in the center makes uneven walls and odd corners much easier on the eyes.

For larger rooms, our 18" tile with small details of 3" tile in the corners can make any great room more elegant.  We can use an off white for the main floor, and spice up your decor with details of something brighter.  The possibilities are endless.

In the 1960's many homes on St. Croix were built using our large 24" tile throughout the interior and exterior spaces.  These were laid on a sand and cement bed after all the rest of the house was built, with all the mechanicals under the floors.  Some of these old interior tile have achieved a patina much like translucent bone china;  it is difficult to believe you are looking at concrete.

Exterior Tile

All of the molds we have can also make exterior tile, in two different slip-resistant textures.  Our rougher textures, in swirls of roughness or in random crevices, are intended to resemble either travertine marble, where the escaping gases left fissures as the stone solidified under tons of pressure and eons of time; or coral stone slabs, with smaller crevices left by long gone sea creatures.

Historic Reproductions of Stone Street Pavers

In the 1700's many thousands of stones were brought to St. Croix from Denmark to pave the sidewalks.  These were in various colors of gray, purple, and brown.  Over the ensuing two hundred years, this  originally rough chiseled surface has changed to a smooth but uneven finish.  Our reproductions are in similar colors, textures, and sizes for use in the historic district where appearance is paramount.

Gallery:  Exterior Tile

Pool coping and wall caps

Many pools are designed to use a large tile along the edge to provide a hand-hold to those in the pool, and to stop the patio  water run off from getting into the pool.  We have two different shapes available, and have also made molds for different brick profiles to match our brick patios. These are available in colors and textures to complement your patio tile, or can be a contrasting color and texture.