Apothecary Hall, Christiansted

Our Business

Taylor Studios makes a wide variety of laminated and colored concrete products.  We supply surfacing materials for floors and walls, as well as architectural design elements and historical reproductions.  Our colors tend to be rich and earthy; and we can mix colors to match or complement your specific needs.  Generic concrete countertops do not reflect the possible Taylor Studios' textures.   Most of our customers have not experienced  concrete with a reflective finish.  And after thirty years, or more, our floors and walls still look great, with minimal maintenance.

We can create the finishes you want for your walkways, patios, interior floors and walls.   We have three exterior tile textures that are favorites, and each is available in all the colors.  Some of our tile are thick enough to use without first pouring a slab; and if you choose the round walkway pavers, the tiles can be notched to fit more closely together. Our interior tile can be matte or gloss finish, and appropriately sized to suit each intended use.

We make replica Danish pattern brick in all the beautiful color variations of yellow ocher, terracotta, and tan.  We replicate those made in the 1700's in Denmark and sent to the Virgin Islands as ship's ballast (the ships in return carried molasses and rum to Europe).  We also have made molds to include many bull nose, coping and key stone patterns.  As a concession to contemporary use, we have designed a thinner, economical brick product to install over a concrete slab.

We also make historical reproductions of the sidewalk pavers used extensively in downtown Christiansted, St. Croix.  These original stones were quarried in the 1700's on the island of Lolland, off the coast of Denmark, and laid on the sidewalks here, rough side up.  Over the following two hundred years these stones have become interestingly worn.  They  originally were in gray, purple, and brown; our reproductions are the same colors.

And we especially enjoy making large pots and jars, carved tiles, and small and large planters, and statuary in interesting shapes.  These ferro-cement projects, along with our hand painted tiles, are very popular.

Who we are

The Taylor family has been making colored concrete products here in the Virgin Islands for more than 50 years.  We started in 1968, and the second generation took over in 1986.  We are focused on quality and innovation, and with our backgrounds of construction, shipbuilding, sailing, business, and art and design, we can create what you want for your custom home or larger project.  We design and build our own molds.  You can see our products in "Architectural Digest", "House and Garden", and "Antiques" magazines.