Hand Carved and Painted Tile

Our laminated concrete tile have a top layer that is colored and textured, and a backing that is the proper concrete mix for strength.  The topping thickness varies from 1/4" to 1/2" as the size of the tile demands; and this can be carved with your name, house number, business logo, or any design you wish.  The carved areas are painted with durable epoxy paints that we mix ourselves and will remain colorful for years.

Cast and hand painted sea grape leaves

Detail of one of four dancing moko jumbie tile

We have designed a series of four dancing mocko jumbie figures on 8" by 8" tile that are embossed on the tile surface.  The body of the tile can be a complimentary color to your decor, and the dancers themselves are hand painted to match your pallet.

Mocko Jumbie dancers are historically African stilt dancers.  They are sometimes portrayed as scary spirits, and sometimes as joyful and playful.  There are traditional costumes of grasses and masks, and carnival costumes of bright, glittery fabric.  Young people in the islands are now practicing their stilt skills, and troupes are joining every block party, parade, and carnival tramp.