Plants For Sale

Plant sizes vary from seedlings to small trees and are in limited supply.  Further information on each plant can be found on Wikipedia; or in our studio.  Some large plants may have to be re-potted for transport.  We may be able to propagate to order if given enough time.

Edible plants and fruits:

Avocado:  local West Indian
Coffee:  arabica
Lime tree:  local limes
Peppertree:  Vitex agnus-castus;  makes peppercorns
Sugar Apple: Annona squamosa

Flowering large plants and bushes:

Alamanda:  triple yellow flower
Angel’s Trumpet:  Brugmansia, white and pink
Bauhinia tomentosa:  white/yellow flowers
Bird of Paradise:  Strelitzia nicolai, white flower
Buddha’s Belly:  Jatropha podagrica, bottle plant
Clerodendron quadriculare:  Starburst
Hibiscus:  coral, triple hot pink, red
Lobster claw, red:  Heliconia rostrata
Natal Plum:  Carissa macrocarpa, beach plum
Oleander:  Thevetia nereifolia, lucky nut
Peppertree:  Vitex agnus-castrus
Pride of Barbados:  Caesalpinia pulcherrima, pink and yellow

Ground cover:

Coral creeper:  Baleria repens


Acanthus:  pseuderanthemum atropurpureum, tricolor
Caladium:  Bleeding Heart:  green and red, green and white
Chinese Evergreen:  silver queen
Elephant Ear
Spider Plant:  Chlorophytum comosum, variegated
Allocasia x Amazonica:  variegated green and white, purple under leaf

Small flowering plants, showy plants:

Begonia:  angel wing, pink flowers
Chrysothemis pulchella:  sunset bells
Episcia:  green, red flower
Lilies: Amazon lilies, African blood lillies, rain lillies, water lilly seedlings
Moses in the boat:  Tradescantia spathocea:  boat lily
Orchids:  ground orchids:  Spathoglottis plicata, red/white stripe
Vanilla:  vanilla planifolia
Walking iris:  Neomarcia longifolia


Bamboo:  clumping type
Coral tree:  tiger’s claw
Flamboyant:  Delonix regia, red
Frangipani:  Plumeria:  red, red and yellow,   white
Jacaranda:  mimosifolia
Norfolk Island Pine:  Araucaria heterophyllia
Mahogany:  swietenia mahogany
Palms:  Blue palm, Bismarkia nobilis;  Christmas Palm; Mexican fan palm;  Queen palm; Sago palm, Cycas revoluta; Foxtail palm
Sea Grape:  coccoloba uvifera


Clerodendron delectum:  Danish Flag,    red/white, pink/purple
Petrea volubilis:  sandpaper vine
Hoya carmosa:  wax plant, white/pink
Foxtail palm