Hardscape, Sculpture and Walkways

Garden walkways  that meander through your landscape as it matures may need to be adjusted to accommodate changes in plantings or growing trees.  Our round walkway pavers are 2" thick, movable, and come in 5 diameters;  the larger sizes can have a cut out to fit more closely  together.  Walking with your arms full of groceries demands a path that contains no surprises.  Our square pavers, 2" thick, come in 20" and 24", and both have halves available for interesting patterns.  The 24" thickness also has a 12" by 12" for added detail.

These 2" thick tile can be permanently laid in a bed of dry sand (80%) and cement (20%) 1" to 2" thick. After the tile are in place, water over the surface with the garden hose, and let it all set up for a couple of days.  Then seal the surface of the tile, and grout with a similar color.  Seal again, and your walkway will be there for years of enjoyment.

For less permanent installations that may change over the next year or two, the 2" thick tile can be placed on well-packed earth.  Be sure there are no surface stones  underneath that may make a hard spot and cause the tile to crack.

All of these tiles can be in any exterior texture, and colored to match your decor.  They will need to be maintained yearly by cleaning and sealing with appropriate methods. Please see Product Care and Maintenance for exact recommended procedures.


20" X 20" tile walkway laid on stone/cement bed with brick edges

20 X 20 tile on stone bed

Rounds for Walkways


Sugar mill pot for bonsai


Pedestal columns for column cap replica from Petra

Historical replica of column cap for open arm staircase


Replica urn from Government House steps

Sculpted pedestals

Fluted pedestal stands

Decorative block, fluted pedestal and balustrade

New post caps on the Frederiksted waterfront